We want you to have a great audition so we do everything to help.

First of all, we don’t charge you a fee. That’s a good start.

Then we make sure the day runs smoothly - we send you details of when and where the audition will take place with everything you need to make getting there easier. When you arrive, there’ll be a warm up room for you to practice and then you’ll be invited in to do the audition.

At the end of the day we hold a master class for all the participants so that you can get some top tips on the fundamentals of playing a brass or percussion instrument. We’ll cover things like posture, breathing, stamina, sight reading., etc.

Finally, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. You’ll hear if you’ve reached the minimum standard within seven days. By early December you’ll know if you’ve made it into the band.


Courses for the Youth Band are a week long and held twice a year. The first is usually held around Easter and the second in the Summer, usually in July. The Children's Band holds a single one week course each year, again usually in July.

Start time: noon

Finish: 4pm

Length of audition: 20 mins

What will be covered: usually solo, then study, then scales and sight-reading

What's the vibe: relaxed and friendly

Who will be listening: the NYBB auditioner