The team

We are fortunate to be supported by a professional staff team who dedicate themselves to giving members the very best musical support and pastoral care.

"The quality of tutoring and repertoire is fantastic, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such wonderful people in such a friendly atmosphere."

Some of our music staff

Mr Martin Armstrong

Mr Brett Baker

Mr John Berryman

Dr Robert Childs

Mr David Childs

Mr Andrew Cresci

Mr David Daws

Mr  Ewan Easton

Mr Nick Etheridge

Mr Phil Goodwin

Mr John Maines

Mr Richard Marshall

Miss Katrina Marzella

Mr Phillip McCann

Mr Christopher Stearn

Miss Simone Rebello

Miss Sheona White

Mr Mark Wilkinson

Mrs Helen Williams

Mr Glyn Williams

Mr Martin  Winter

Mr Alan Wycherley

Some of our house staff

Mr Farooq Ali

Ms Alice Biggs

Mr Mark Boyd

Mr Sean Chandler

Mrs Lorraine Childs

Mrs Lisa Fitzgerald-Lombard

Mr Samuel Hairsine

Ms Elisabeth Hartley-Gallagher

Mr James McLeod

Mr Jeremy Meddows-Taylor

Mr John  Squires-Evans

Mr Daniel  Stenhouse

Mr Alun Williams